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last week, is the Ching Ming Festival, La Gang held a press conference, officially announced the blue film was founded, for the planning of blue nearly half the pictures, which means the official from the previous trial and error into the actual operation stage, Landcom chairman Wang Feng to attend the entire platform, and left a life, if I do not do the film, will regret too late for regrets, as with salted fish." This circle in the game spread the word, after people have put salted fish and Wang Feng P together, Wang Feng also took this picture to the Po circle of friends, the chairman of a listed company, in order to business and hype and spread, is ready to sacrifice.


in the conference site, in addition to announced that the film was founded, Wang Feng also announced three projects launched, the company’s independent IP "Sky Sword" series of games and TV drama, "Rebecca" will be the popular Korean comics to the big screen, and in cooperation with the 2015 launch of Chinese Lok pictures movie box office champion "catch" Mobile Games.

I think movies, anime and games are a family. We may in the past based on different medium and different technical means for the three is quite distinct from each other. But today we think these works in the blood inside and on the world set, even in our design and development, has become increasingly interlinked blending. So I strongly realized that we can also do movies, and even we should do better movies, which is a great extent to my inner motivation." Wang Feng said at the meeting.

in fact there is a little detail we did not notice, before the speech, Wang Feng specifically named Taiwan several chiefs sitting: Huaxia film chairman Fu Ruoqing, Ali pictures CEO Zhang Qiang, Wanda general manager Zhao Fang, IDG Xiong Xiaoge, Fosun Studio Entertainment division general manager Huang Jingyan, Wang Chuan, millet TV Ali pictures of Zhang Qiang, Youku pictures and Huaxia film dragon boss Jiang Zhiqiang and a large number of big lineup covers all the scene, film and television companies, distribution companies, cinema, video sites and television Hard Suits Inc and investment circle. Although not say, this is inadvertently show muscle at least, these manufacturers, the future is certainly an important partner for blue pictures.


In fact,

game company has pictures is not a new thing, we listed in Hongkong for 14 years when it proposed the future pan entertainment strategy, so as to win the Wang Feng, just set up pictures in the meaning of our focus just pull back a bit, and then pull a little, let the camera on this question: "why so keen on cross-border television game company." Don’t worry, look slowly.

blue color pictures: the left hand right hand television, Internet

first look at several partner blue pictures, Wang Feng since Needless to say, all the sky is the vice president of blue, blue is the first batch of employees in Jinshan has to follow Wang Feng, Wang Feng old.

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