SARFT rectify the TV box requires the operator to stop the immediate transfer of the party disguised

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Beijing News (reporter Lin Qiling) SARFT continue to tighten control of the TV box. Yesterday, insiders told the Beijing News reporter confirmed that SARFT has interviewed party licenses and issued a document requiring a license to perform a number of new deal party, including the shelves within a week does not have all the licenses issued overseas TV drama, micro film, network drama, or licenses will be responsible in the end "".

previously, SARFT has issued a letter on the Internet immediately shut down the Internet terminal products in violation of the video software download channel. Recently, SARFT has halted some network TV box back to see the function.

recently informed sources said that the press and publication administration were met with the central leadership of the three units as well as Guangdong, Zhejiang, Hunan, Shanghai Bureau of the four local stations and the existing Internet TV management and business work problems and timely rectification direction a clear requirements, and then issued a document.

it is reported that the current seven licenses have different degrees of violations, which do not follow the requirements of the general administration to do so to recover the license. If the seven are illegal, suspended Internet TV business.

industry insiders said, there are accustomed to the Convention Internet TV market, can be described as a mighty storm. Internet TV history of the most stringent policy enforcement will be launched.

according to SARFT issued in 2011, the 181 document, the Internet set-top box to play all the video program, you need to be approved by SARFT broadcast control platform landing. SARFT issued two kinds of licenses: the contents of the Internet box must be provided by the content service license holders, but also through the integration of business license holders to review and manage the broadcast.

currently includes CCTV international, blockbuster, Hangzhou, China Southern media and other 7 institutions also have two licenses, Beijing Taiwan, Yunnan Taiwan, Shandong, Taiwan and other 7 institutions have only content service license.

in the actual operation, the video site often play ball, and a license to cooperate, you can put the video content on the TV to buy their own. However, according to SARFT’s latest policy, this behavior will be banned.

SARFT said, for a large number of overseas qualifications not obtained broadcast television drama, micro film, network television drama into the phenomenon to be determined and the major broadcast license the total line within a week, waiting for the administration of verification. SARFT also ask for the license side, immediately stop (Bian Xiang) to carry out live business, etc..

yesterday, mango Internet TV relevant responsible person said, mango will take the lead in accordance with the implementation of the policy specification, as a whole, the content of the advantages of the license side is a good thing.

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