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1 is the official website of the government advertising more government said poor mouth "bad money"  

recently, a reporter for the Nandu three levels of government in the eastern northwest city and district and county site, from the illegal advertisements and whether the "zombie" two cases carried out investigation, found that many government websites appeared in commercials, there are also individual government website for public consultation will never return.

in most people’s minds, government websites are serious dynamic news. Recently, the Nandu reporter found that some of the city’s official website also has commercial advertising, private hospital advertising, shopping centers, selling mobile phones, bank advertising. As early as 2012, the general office of the Guangdong provincial government issued a clear approach to the Guangdong provincial government website management requirements, the government website may not engage in commercial activities. Some cities in the official website of the government also put a panoramic view of the hotel presidential suite 360 degrees. However, after an interview with reporters said it immediately removed.

2 chinahr.com evening: "on the" end of the storm, the old giant in 7 years of  


"business" reporter learned, is experiencing the third owners of the chinahr.com, because of layoffs, the staff suffered violent protests. There are staff to reflect: yesterday, still working overtime, today was informed that all employees to terminate the agreement, the company did not promise the text and the relevant payment process, no labor supervision department approval documents. Many employees told reporters that the company’s practice is violent layoffs, not to give a statement today, never leave.

May 8th, 58 city life service platform announced the completion of the recruitment website chinahr.com mergers and acquisitions, the transaction did not disclose the transaction amount. After the completion of the merger, chinahr.com will continue to operate independently, and keep the brand team independence.

3 financial millet officially unveiled, the first "demand treasure financial products  

in March this year, millet hunting cloud network has been reported to encroach on the Internet financial services, and began recruiting, beta millet wallet, now less than two months, millet to the formal financial.

today, millet financial official debut, first launched the "millet demand treasure of financial products, management by the partner of e fund’s Monetary Fund to provide financial daily. From now on Millet mobile phone users can update the MIUI version of the system or in the millet app store download millet finance APP way to enjoy the financial services provided by millet.

4.12306 purchase train ticket major adjustment! Payment time reduced by  

12306 days before the official website announced that, since May 12, 2015, 12306 sites (including mobile phone client) of the passenger ticket, please pay the fare seats in 30 minutes after locking. Previously, this time period of 45 minutes.


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