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soft, as the name implies, namely soft article, soft Wen is through less money, spend money or not, the implicit (object will promote not exposed or not, a naked propaganda object) to achieve the purpose of publicity (or product brand sales, corporate image, service, and a public relations crisis a person or a concept), often called recessive advertisement.

the definition of the current network of soft text there are two: one is the narrow sense of soft, and the other is a broad sense of soft wen.

1 narrow soft: refers to the enterprise money published in newspapers and magazines such as the network propaganda carrier ligand pure text ads, this definition is a definition of the early, the so-called pay text ads.

2 generalized soft: refers to the enterprise through the planning can enhance the corporate brand image and visibility published in newspapers and magazines or Internet publicity carrier, or can promote the enterprise sales has a propaganda, interpretation of articles, including specific news reports, industry review articles, paid advertising, classic case passage analysis.

soft have two characteristics: one is to spend less money, spend money or not, many of the current known as the soft advertising, media advertising price to buy suites, as long as the case of propaganda, can only be called advertising, not as soft; the second feature is the "hidden", this point in the current is less businesses can do, only in a few large enterprises releases, engage in the conference marketing and service marketing health care products companies advertising copy can be hidden". The two characteristics of the soft, "recessive" feature is the most important.

The soft

is usually used in in what way, plays an important role in the promotion of soft publicity, product brand company or enterprise product sales, corporate image, service concept, the concept of consumption, enterprise leadership, strategic intent, product concept, crisis public relations etc..


is used in the soft China market has Wucongkaozheng, it can be said that from the start of China market economic reforms began, has been soft, but at that time it was not known as "soft".

so far, the soft has been overwhelming, the media has more than 60% of the content contained in the text or advertising, readers have not clear what is news, which is the soft – hidden advertising, according to my text to the customer experience, Chinese all the portals can release the soft, called state the mouthpiece, can also send soft propaganda, so the media justice, supervision also has been widely questioned.

in 1998, Shi Yuzhu will be "soft" as a main form of publicity into the health care industry, "a big success, so many companies competing to imitate, can be said that the success of the great department naobaijin come from soft. Now whether it is the traditional industries such as health care products, clothing, food and real estate in various fields are spending money to do soft advertising, of course, Internet Co is a soft spot for soft Wen, such as we know Baidu, the United States mission, >

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