A six grassroots WeChat platform bigger and their perception of dry cargo

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public platform should be how to operate? Not the strength of the company background, a grassroots told us he had to realize the attention 6 insights: take the good name of 000 platform; content; entertainment business combination; law of natural growth; guide sharing; answer reader; illustrations. Of course, there is one point, that is, do WeChat marketing also need a good mentality.

yesterday, accidentally learned that a group of friends to share the joy in the V5 push 2000 QQ group, his WeChat public platform finally break million, he said about the WeChat communication group, a lot of friends to ask how to do, so he wanted to write an article to do their own feelings of WeChat public this platform for months to come and share with you! But he still feel very ashamed, now WeChat marketing expert too much, he doesn’t dare to play a big knife before Guangong, his WeChat public account is 2012-11-28 from the beginning to get it, feel the time is too pretty fast, the growth rate is also indeed relatively many people, is a super slow. He heard that some of the micro signal can increase the number of people a day, I really admire them, and would like to ask how they operate. But he and I said the WeChat public number is important interaction rather than subscribers, interactive service is the operation way. But we still have some ideas about his throne under the bar, dry cargo sharing.

his ten thousand of the amount of attention, did not use WeChat marketing software, did not go to a number of places to send a post promotion, is entirely dependent on the accumulation of up. From the beginning of a few days to add a fan, up to now, an increase of more than and 200 fans a day, has never been a storm surge, are a little bit of concern!

below to share with you some of the insights he operates WeChat public platform:

1, WeChat public platform name is very important, you want to attract what kind of customer groups, you should have associated with this client group name! He is engaged in the education and training industry, when the operation of WeChat, he is positioned in the area of training, was also made several accounts, is mainly sales the psychology, when he is trying to attract friends to do the sales, so I intend to do sales of WeChat, in the name of time also spent several hours pondering, in the end to what is the name of good, he found the highest sales of Baidu index, Baidu index is the word "sales psychology" so, it is from this name, since the name was a good location, so in this WeChat account on the content, are all related to sales psychology, rather than a What sales skills,


2, the content is to attract readers attention in the king, every day WeChat share is related to sales psychology, rather than some sales skills, but to explore the psychology of the salesman and customer psychology of these, in his opinion, a good location, need to focus on a piece of content. Want to make another one of his micro signal here, another name >

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