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I began to think of such a problem: common marketers and astrologers than it seems to. These two people will ask us to gaze at the stars, look to the future. At this time of year, I get a similar email from a client and a reporter who wants to know what’s going to happen in 2014. Fortunately, I don’t need a night view to predict what’s going to happen next, because technology always leaves some obvious signs. Here are the five numbers that you might find in 2014.

1) identity based ecosystem. When I was a graduate student at The University of Texas at Austin, my thesis topic was Twitter (no, this paper is not only 140 words). One of the most important questions in my paper is: why do people use social networking sites? I don’t really think that people want to get in touch with each other. But what I have done is that this is only the second most important reason. The first important reason is to show your identity. I’ll be here to give you some time to think about the social narcissism complex. Then I will urge you to think more deeply. As humans, we always have a natural need to express ourselves. Through this expression, we further deepen their identity. Smart companies, such as Facebook (as well as their timeline features) and Amazon (as well as their personalized recommendation feature) are already using what I call this "identity based ecosystem."". Tomorrow’s digital world, whether consumers or businesses, will focus on the identity of the individual activities. Companies that want to take advantage of this trend will actively create a variety of ways to take advantage of this view: showing our identity is the most common and most basic desire.

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2). Remember Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks starred in the movie "love" email? This is a blockbuster romantic comedy, is the pinnacle of. However, now no longer possible remake of the film. Why? Because no one will be thrilled to receive the email, we have already moved from the information hungry society to the information society. However, we still need information every day — more than ever before. Therefore, we see the rise of websites such as Pinterest, Quora and Technically, Pinterest is just organizing images that are already there, but it’s a huge success because we really need it.

3) video = device agnostic. When was the last time you said, "when I watch a video on TV?" it’s more likely that you’ll be watching it on TV, but you can easily see it on a tablet or smartphone. The video continues to be agnostic about its device. From the business point of view

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