4 years lost light but always want to tell the old board with the old man how he is so strong

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according to statistics, hammer phone over the past year and a half loss of 654 million yuan, of which only the first half of 2016 on a loss of $192 million. Keep shouting "Apple first, hammer second" Luo Yonghao really anxious, "I don’t care I just seriously." However, only by serious, can not change the market share ah!

hammer technology since the birth of the day, is destined to continue scandal". This is not, in the past less than a year’s time, has been closed down 6 times, was acquired for the first time, just before the release of new products in the first 3 days, there are rumors that the hammer was acquired. Live so hard, why not choose to be put up the shutters, cockroach? The reason is very simple, hammer technology behind a tough boss – Luo Yonghao.

Luo Yonghao, his nickname "Luo", was born in Jilin in 1972 and. Luo Yonghao grew up reading is not death resuscitation, spent 5 years in primary school at 1+1 in the end is equal to a few to count fingers for a long time. Very not easy to get a high, he finally could not endure, just out of the mix of society.

then Luo Yonghao put stall, opened kebab shop, and reselling medicines, sales of computer accessories. Life is so bad, what to do.

1999, watching the rush to 30 of Luo Yonghao is still worried about eating. In May of that year, he rented a 15 square meters of the house to play the computer, accidentally aimed at a message, New Oriental teacher a year to get a million annual salary."

what’s the matter? It was New Oriental English teacher. They speak English only, a primary school level, can barely remember 50 words of the punks, people TOFEL recruitment training teachers with your New Oriental hairy relationship. But Luo Yonghao does not think so "1 million! Too tempting!" he has made up his mind "must go to Beijing, to New Oriental as an English teacher".

after this, Luo Yonghao is really a play, he locked himself in his home, at 5 in the morning to read English together, starting from the first day to recite, has been back to the big 4, read every day to stroking his tongue is not straight up. The day will brush the IELTS and TOEFL exam, night listening, hearing tinnitus is not to give up.

after one year and seven months December 2000, Luo Yonghao wrote a letter to Yu Minhong’s letter copious and fluent million words, and see the old Yu "think three times the tears ran down his exam".

and Luo Yonghao in the two lecture after the failure of Yu Minhong and gave him a third chance to lecture. Finally in March 2001, the first time Luo Yonghao stood on the podium of the New Oriental School to become a teacher, GRE.

you think, 2000 after going abroad to graduate students at the university which is the elite, which is not in English, many students spend a lot of time? GRE level has been above 1900, New Oriental is to feel the atmosphere, seek psychological comfort.

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