Some common problems in the promotion of regional enterprise website

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recently, a friend contacted me, he said his website to do network promotion business in this area, I talked to him.

his main business is the Shenzhen area of digital copy business, relatively speaking, he should pay more attention to network promotion this one a boss, when talking with him, you can feel it, he said he did optimization related keywords, such as Shenzhen Shenzhen copy, copy the cheapest etc.. There are also a few keywords ranking, have reached the first page of Baidu’s top three ranking.

from his tone, which is mainly an industry to do network promotion is not much in the network, so such a long tail words, such as the Shenzhen copy the relatively cheap, of course, relatively easy to do home page ranking, he said the money hit in Baidu. But hit the money, the effect is good, no money, no effect. So he wants to pass other ways, through the network promotion can not achieve a better ranking effect.

in fact, in the process of talking to him, he also said some of the topics, so I summed up what I think should be for this network promotion process is similar to my friend in the problem, there should be some representative.

first, he applied for two domain names.

before that, no, now with the domain name, but before the domain name is not the reason, because before the domain name system problems, therefore, to the domain name registration, and the content is exactly the same. Two domain names, corresponding to different space. I think that this approach should not be necessary.

second, web site program.

website optimization in the final analysis, is the adjustment of the structure of the web page, web design standards, as well as static web pages, the title of the page, etc. These are a very important factor. I actually look at the time, I think his page, especially the title of this, do not very good. For example, the title of the website of the Shenzhen copy, then a copy of the "Shenzhen copy of the lowest" the title of the article, after opening the page, the web page of the title should be linked up: Shenzhen copy – Shenzhen copy minimum. But his site has no function. It’s just a little detail.

third, page content design unreasonable.

open his website, the home page is basically FLASH and pictures, there is a special place is the company’s tax card four pictures. This is a very bad design of the spider program. In addition to the home page, there is nothing to update. Fixed part of more than 95%..

fourth, dead site.

this seems to be the vast majority of the characteristics of enterprise website, do a good job, basically do not update. He said he updated an article every day… Like news. So I suggested to him, let him put all sorts of things together. Try to stay in 5 for a day

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