Three trick to teach you to improve Baidu keywords ranking

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    we do want to make our website ranked on the first page is the first page in the website even!

    I’m a few points of my site experience how to put the key words in front of

      we all know the key words some popular website want to row in the front is not a day for two days can take little effort and time so if we don’t want to spend money to do the bidding Baidu ranked it at least to ensure your daily posts in 100 to maintain, two this month! But the best to update every day! Daily news must be updated!

      I do the real estate website I say my website! My site is Nanjing housing network But many people may not know Nanjing easy housing network, I was doing in Nanjing area, so the average person looking for a house to rent in Nanjing all love playing Baidu, Nanjing rental housing, Nanjing real estate, real estate in Nanjing, usually with a net word, but not the four key words, so in the home to write when the key words must pay attention to the key words must be written on the front, take a look at how I write you don’t and I like I just give a reference: Nanjing rental network | Nanjing real estate | Nanjing rental housing | Nanjing | real estate information Home Furnishing | real estate real estate transactions | real estate transactions | rental housing | real estate leasing | college renting apartment rent || Nanjing | real network, we have not seen the following key words is not very popular, Although it is not very popular but must write as long as people can write to that no harm could bring you what flow, and as long as your site every day to update your case behind the key words are ranked in the first page of this is for sure! So let’s not hot hot push is important, there are the following two sections to write a good point I wrote: < meta; name=" description" content=" Nanjing real network to provide the latest and most complete Nanjing real estate information and Nanjing second-hand housing information, Nanjing rental information Nanjing short-term housing, Nanjing office, Nanjing villa, Nanjing real estate, Nanjing rental, Nanjing real estate, apartments, bound to create a real estate transaction platform in Nanjing, the largest and comprehensive portal " >
< meta name=" keywords" content=" Nanjing rental network, Nanjing 365 real estate Home Furnishing net, Nanjing Soufangwang Nanjing reputation network, Nanjing real estate network " > improve the Nanjing housing network month you must write the new Nanjing at that point, just for reference, see the following section Nanjing 365 real estate, as well as the word of mouth what we look good, why should I write these key words

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