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I do

webmaster for many years, made a second occupation to do POS, now on the promotion, of course not than before, before is a strength of the hair of the chain, change link, now I think to do network promotion and the combination of the traditional marketing ideas. Not much to say, first look at an example.

yesterday to do a message to the boss of the company to talk about the matter of cooperation, when it was because he often received orders to do POS machine customers, is to let him send text messages. Later, he would like to work with me, because he felt that every day received a lot of such a list, the industry should be good, it has been talked about for a long time. In the course of the chat, the thought of his mass SMS let me into a meditation. I summarize a bit, in fact, the most important thing is to get the message to get the phone number. Get the phone number does not seem so easy to spend money to buy. From this I thought of how to find a way to do not have to find a large number of mobile phones and accurate advertising information to users?


you may think I like this is compounded. Don’t worry about the conclusion, maybe others don’t know. First, listen to me, WeChat’s size I do not shake, so how to integrate WeChat, as a marketing tool, I think the webmaster friends will see that WeChat marketing advertising often on the Internet, but I think also and everyone else, is the use of WeChat bulk plus friends, take me in Zhengzhou.

Zhengzhou a total of 1010 square kilometers, then I can arrange for the 100 WeChat trumpet, each WeChat trumpet stationed in different Square Park to the radius of the center of the 5 km. Of course, the center is the best population density is relatively concentrated, for example which area is more rich, which area is more and more young people, so this way, we can achieve precise positioning of customer groups, such as the layout of the. Comparison of images.


The future of WeChat

group will definitely become an industry, because I have a shop in Taobao above, every day there are at least two people to ask if I could help a friend, a friend of 5 cents to 8 hair range, of course, I don’t have much time to do these things. But it gave me great inspiration, once you have the scale, you can take your WeChat what the industry can do a trumpet. This is a universal formula.

of course I can’t say I thought how clever, also hope to play a valuable role. I hope you will be able to share their own more clever way out.

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