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old Xie today to talk about how hard enough soft, hope to write some soft Webmaster Help!

do market research

the product to understand, grasp his point and highlights the full analysis of survey data, then the product description down with clear, full of temptation, and language, including raw materials, process, characteristics, function, technology and other aspects of the target consumer group.

stimulates consumption

" the 3 cycle call you to get rid of XX disease plague " language induced consumption, " 7 days you remove the beans on the face of " and " let the hair become long and black " to prove the efficiency of the products " but do not plan to do the soft words to deceive consumers because, when the product into thousands of households with a real effect to speak, otherwise the product brand and reputation for passing and died.

soft fun creative

a core idea can make up for the shortcomings and deficiencies of soft Wen, also known as soft Wen ideas, soft creative. Creativity should be very beautiful, can be extended, there are original, you can attract many consumers eye.

day in spring institutions brand publicity for the love, beauty make-up of snow, determined to provide national soft soft Wen creative is " the beauty of love, is to snow " around " people, all the beauty of the heart; " and " " health; the pursuit of a series of soft creative. The echo effect is very good. " " XX xueya; brand extension is determined by the creative beauty " XX, ", do a charming woman; around the core product extensions of the series products because soft apt, shining and cause consumer concern.

talk about soft Wen, have to talk about the title of soft wen. We know that the soft, attractive, can promote the products quickly go in the market, great charm lies in the headlines of the big and black influence, a rich shandongli, the title P can express the differences and advantages of the products eye-catching, attracted the attention of the people.

each of the most important advertising is the title, the title is well written, advertising victory 7, 8 into, before the opening of the soft, look at the title of its excellent points are the following:

(3) news full flavor

news or see the news quickly like the smell of all love learned that the first time, so this is from the consumer psychology, planning and writing when the title written news full flavor, will play the explosive effect is very good, very easy to form high streets and back lanes talking point, the formation of word of mouth. The famous spring day communication network is the creative group purchase "enterprise internal control news" in Christ, for the love, creativity will be "xueya Xicheng " " > in beauty;

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