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in the year March, the most media attention than NPC and CPPCC, as a matter of meeting each beneficial to the people’s livelihood, meeting, every speech on behalf of members, will become the focus of media attention, attracted hundreds of millions of people’s attention, so the attention is so high, if the enterprise can NPC and CPPCC a relationship with yourself, presumably a marketing occasion can play a very good communication effect, greatly improve the enterprise’s brand awareness and reputation, so in NPC and CPPCC, are key points which can be marketing research? Xiaobian summed up the following

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Raiders one, two sessions on the


business owners to participate in the NPC and CPPCC undoubtedly is an intangible name card of enterprises, effectively demonstrates the strength of enterprises, in NPC and CPPCC, their personal dress, demeanor will become the focus of media attention, and this year NPC and CPPCC, with "Internet plus" has become hot words two, representatives from the Internet the world has become the object of media, they chase it, especially in Baidu CEO Robin Li is the most outstanding, with its cute appearance, tough facial features became the representative of the Internet community "high Yan value, in the face to eat in the house by the brain to make money, in this year’s NPC and CPPCC. The" Chinese brain "proposal has become a hot discussion, but also makes the field of artificial intelligence, Baidu has been of great concern to the government and the public.


Raiders two, the product into the

NPC and CPPCC, members of the delegates will use what is the focus of the media, in this year’s NPC and CPPCC, the fire is the self artifact self bar, "small Cui" Cui Yongyuan is put into the self artifact, recorded some pictures in the group discussion of the CPPCC, even at the end of the discussion by Secretary Wang Qishan ridicule, sparked concern and discussion, the same great, chairman Lei Jun millet will also play with the self timer lever, in the inside and outside the venue, a hand holding rod self millet NOTE, a self timer, then, millet company also occasion to launch Self Stick packages. For their own products to do a free advertising, received a great deal of attention.


Raiders three, hot manufacturing

enterprise has no BOSS in NPC and CPPCC, failed to make their products can be exposed in the NPC and CPPCC on how to do research? PR Xiaobian that "do not have to create the conditions, that is the combination of NPC and CPPCC and of their own enterprises, and their manufacturing will NPC and CPPCC linked to hot point in 2013 NPC and CPPCC jiaduobao during a" let "non-public economy" also become the ruling foundation when, in an open letter "to represent NPC and CPPCC JDB group as the representative, this article first issued by the official micro-blog, then got the forwarding and media attention, making the focus of public opinion, get the recognition and attention of many



research conclusion

two sessions

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