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In fact, the promotion of

is a strategy, even if the propaganda is not the same as a good strategy simply can not achieve the purpose.

in the promotion we can seize the opportunity at any time (encounter), such an effect even if it is short, but the effect is very good. IP and flow up quickly, IP from the cumulative amount is also good! Here are a few more days before the introduction of the 1000IP/ days of experience:

August in the spread of the Internet "virago combination" I think we all know. The morning of August 1st, open QQ to jump out of a news, say "virago combination" by the attention of Internet users, and that users in order to denounce the "virago combination" also specialized in Baidu Post Bar established "virago combination"! So I grabbed the key "virago combination" Baidu Post Bar! < / p>

(for "virago combination" aroused public indignation, so users are in search of his data)

I entered Post Bar at He, really busy! A page so I search for some latest information virago combination "put me on the website. And then again in "virago combination" Post Bar a post, said "virago combination" of the latest data and information, and then connect to my web page. Finished! Really hits, verbose…. Every day I try again!!!, happy


this is to seize the opportunity! Hope to share with you!

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