Japan Patent Office said the Japanese companies were 60% losses from the electricity supplier count

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technology news March 29th afternoon message, according to the "Japanese economic news" reported that the survey of Japanese Patent Office, Japan 20% enterprises because of counterfeit and pirated DVD counterfeit products suffered losses, and as a way to suffer losses, 60% from electricity providers, cross-border electricity is particularly serious.

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, even to investigate the sale of counterfeit goods, after the rapid resumption of sales in other sites, sometimes the appearance of the same, but only to remove the logo, this situation a lot, to avoid combat means more and more clever.

the survey was carried out from 9 to 2015 in November. The investigation direction of national patent and trademark applications are the top 8069 companies issued a questionnaire, obtained 4090 valid answer enterprise. Among them, the answer to the risk of counterfeiting enterprises accounted for about 20%, reaching 896.

in the harm of the enterprise, from the electricity supplier situation of about 60%. In particular, cross-border electricity supplier website, the situation is particularly prominent in the sale of counterfeit products.

in cross-border electricity supplier website sales of counterfeit products, the industry is also more prominent commodity. Similar to rubber products and floor materials, such as the processing of basic materials and mechanical components up to.

on the other hand, Japan’s domestic electricity supplier website sales of counterfeit goods mainly for plates, cups and kettles and other kitchen, dining table and wash supplies, multi-faceted to consumers.


survey found that most of the counterfeit goods were manufactured or distributed in China (about 60%) and Korea (about 20%). (Tai Ke)

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