The United States retail giant enclosure 11 double express the amount will increase by 50%

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electric business in the flames of war "double eleven" Jianxingjianjin, domestic retail giants entered a state of readiness. Recently, the United States announced to subvert the day as the theme of the double eleven no pricing consumer strategy for the upcoming double eleven consumption season, Suning also announced the launch of the second O2O shopping festival.

Ovid consulting (AVC) assistant president Zhang Yanbin said: "this year is the sixth year double eleven", will be the emergence of new features: Tmall will increase from last year’s 35 billion yuan to 50 billion yuan; participating vendors will increase; logistics, customer service service is able to bear the sales surge, concentrated outbreak payment network infrastructure can support the instant test. These are this year ‘double eleven’ aspect."

Retail giant

prepared to meet the challenge

distance from eleven and a half months, retailers have been ahead of the action, to prepare for war, and want to lengthen the front of the sniper electricity supplier.

Gome commitment, from October 31st to November 12th, in terms of home appliances and 3C products will subvert the line price. By then, consumers only need to go to the United States by other businesses advertising offer any stores, Gome will be based on the advertising offer, at least drop 11 yuan to sell the goods. Suning in the mobile terminal, PC terminal end stores such as interactive integrated marketing terminal entrance.

Zhang Yanbin think, from the level of sales growth to investigate, certainly better than last year. The reason is that the double eleven as an online shopping festival, is in a period of growth, there is no indication that has reached a high stage. And, "China’s Internet community is gradually expanding."

senior vice president of the United States He Yangqing believes that in the context of today’s Internet era, the use of social networks to convey corporate marketing activities has become a new way. Whether it is a taxi drops of red, or WeChat card vouchers, consumers can share with friends through social software, so as to achieve the consumer, enterprise, mobile phone software APP three win-win results. The United States and the United States hopes to cooperate with WeChat card bag, drops taxi, the layout of the entire mobile terminal market, through personalized service, to create more, more long-term consumer power.

eleven double volume will exceed 500 million

"double eleven" crazy behind all kinds of chaos. Some unscrupulous businessmen to snatch the eyeball, after the first price discount, buy cheap goods for no other means to deceive consumers. ZDC last year, double eleven after the survey and analysis of consumer data show that 30.2% of consumers believe that the incentives did not meet expectations.

the United States said that in previous years the "double eleven" consumer chaos, the United States launched three measures: Subversion subversion, subversion installation fast, slow delivery charge to subversion, subversion of chaos attitude to create the United States "double eleven" shopping experience.

at the same time, last year, after the double eleven, the various regions of the country online shopping complaints >

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