FBO full order fulfillment service station to solve the export process

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to send a group of Chinese products to overseas hypermarkets to take a few steps?

shipping, customs clearance, inspection and quarantine, international logistics, customs clearance, tax, overseas logistics, sorting, up and down…… Such a tedious process so many have thought the sea of Chinese manufacturers have a headache.

now, the whole order dragon network launched global supplier performance service FBO (Fulfillment By Osell), solve all the troubles, vendors only need to deliver the goods to the dragon net FBO staff can free enjoy one-stop service export.

high cost: full order fulfillment service

FBO as a one-stop service performance model, is currently the enterprises "sea" the choice to save money.

dragon network FBO official explained that many people will export overseas the whole process of mistaken international logistics, international logistics is in which accounted for only a small part of the.


uses FBO and does not use FBO to distinguish

as its own brand export overseas, sea freight is one of the cheapest, LCL may only need a few hundred dollars, but with no experience of sea customers will often be some looks very cost-effective logistics quotation and confusing, neglect duties, value-added tax and other fees for the cost, but the resulting the goods were confiscated and fines, and even in the country to pay taxes and a series of problems, the enterprises tend to pay higher than the cost of FBO.

to a group of Poland export value of nearly 27 thousand lighting products as an example.

in accordance with the general export: domestic expenses include freight charges, the cost of CFS, DOC, ENS, customs fees; overseas expenses including ISPS, comprehensive documentation fees, surcharges, import surcharge, transfer fee, customs clearance fee, delivery fee, overseas tariff and vat. The full cost of a total of about 16 thousand (the store shelves, handling surcharge), equivalent to 60% of the value of the cost.

and FBO full order fulfillment service price is not only lower than the general export service, but also for the enterprise to provide the store cargo handling and shelves and other services, will save nearly 12% of the cost of the enterprise.

FBO opened the whole export chain, logistics, customs clearance, inspection and quarantine, taxation, collection, settlement, temporary storage, sorting, shelf and admission management combined with the integration of resources, to provide a complete service ten.

high profits: exclusive cross-border B2B hypermarket innovation model

dragon network launched cross-border B2B smart stores "in overseas stores in the main exhibition platform for overseas local join channels, to fulfill the whole service based on cross-border orders, businessmen around the world rely on the mobile Internet and PC platform to do business exchanges, to cross.

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