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Ma resigned Alibaba CEO group, in the logistics industry, Jiayuan Gong Haiyan has not changed the network matchmaker "teaching". CEO founder of the Internet in the hands of the living, like this industry, often a few years a change.

industry insiders believe that, compared to the traditional industries, the Internet business threshold is low, the industry develops fast, and subject to investors and other reasons, many Internet founder CEO, often actively or passively choose another way.

Ma Yun: Joint express engage in logistics

January 15th, Ma announced that since May 10th no longer serve as Alibaba group CEO post. The 48 year old Ma Yun described as "the Internet industry in old age", when people thought he was going to take a back seat, but the outgoing message, he will jointly SF express giants, as chairman of intelligent logistics network.

prior to accepting the West China Metropolis Daily reporter interview, Ma said he was too tired to do e-commerce. Today, there is still a big event Alibaba is the overall market, the election at this time resigned as chairman of the board to retain the identity of the CEO, the industry generally believe that Ma is to focus on doing the listing.

but the horse did not relax, the intelligent logistics network layout is quite big, preliminary plans to invest 100 billion in the enterprise, including Alibaba, intime, Fosun, Fuchun, one of four links, SF, and investment institutions, banks and financial institutions.

by the Alibaba insiders say, intelligent logistics network as a logistics platform for Taobao, the Alibaba responsible for warehousing, information systems, business docking and other infrastructure, to provide a unified service to one of four links, SF express.

industry insiders believe that, although Ma resigned Alibaba CEO fought in the logistics industry, but also focus on e-commerce operation, to solve the payment problems, to improve the user experience, Ma logistics is next to "hoe".

Gong Haiyan: the matchmaker change when the teacher

is the rapid development in the century, the founder of CEO, "the first network matchmaker" Gong Haiyan at the end of last year to jiliuyongtui, announced the resignation of CEO. Resignation second days, Gong Haiyan began the business of the second, for the establishment of the 91 foreign teachers recruitment network. Now Gong Haiyan’s title is the founder and chairman of the 91 foreign teachers network.

founded the 91 foreign teachers network, but also from my own experience, the listing roadshow, because English is too poor, I rely on the entire CFO translation, a waste of half the time." Gong Haiyan told the WCC reporter, Jiayuan investor Xu Xiaoping has her investment in the project, Xu Xiaoping is one of the founder of new oriental.

for the second venture, she believes that the same as the second fall in love, also have the same as the first investment, in order to harvest."

why choose to resign to start a business, Gong Haiyan explained that the ability to encounter a bottleneck

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