Electricity supplier continued price war is made in China on the road of self destruction

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today, when we open any shopping site, the oncoming advertising is bound to show you an unprecedented ultra low price, the lowest product site to X fold. In the near future on e-commerce information, we also see the major mall website and prepared a vigorous price war. From the May price war, to the current price war in June, and the upcoming price war in July. Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing has said that the price war will continue for 3 years. Of course, the price war for consumers may be a good news, however, is what drives the network to have tired endlessly burn


, in fact, to talk about the ongoing price war, can be regarded as the traditional Chinese business, the war is far more than the price war from the beginning of the electricity supplier, to trace the history of words, perhaps the history of nearly a century.

made in China


Once upon a time,

made in China is a very noble name, she represents the world’s most high-end ceramics and silk. In recent years, according to the United States, cheap Chinese made nearly 700 billion U.S. dollars of spending. When it comes to today, the Chinese made even countless Chinese products can not really go to the world. Because of its early manufacturing in China, the long-term use of low-cost tactics to seize market share. The ongoing price war has caused a devastating blow to the local manufacturing enterprises, and foreign businesses have boycotted Chinese made goods. However, the domestic production enterprises in fact is not good, lower than the cost of selling prices not only make the domestic manufacturing industry did not earn much oil. Even the consumption of large-scale production has a great impact on the domestic ecological environment and natural resources.

caused by the reasons of the price war Chinese manufacturing continues to no profit, after all is in three aspects: first, the core technology is backward, unable to transcend in technology, only to seize the market by low price. Two, domestic resources, manufacturers can easily access to a large number of low-cost resources, without hesitation to mass production. Three, excess production capacity, not only the domestic resources are too rich, there are too strong productivity. Cheap productivity brings a lot of products, oversupply can only be sold at a low price.

electricity supplier status

In fact, the development of

e-commerce in China is quite close to the pace of development, e-commerce is now in the development of the most vigorous period, a wide range of different businesses competing to enter the field of electricity providers. From the point of view of outsiders, the electricity supplier seems to be taking a step towards the most glorious period, so that all businesses to the gold rush of the ocean if the mu. In fact, by contrast can be found, perhaps now electricity supplier is also going to make mistakes as China made on the road.

one, the core technology behind

is now the development of e-commerce model, all models are introduced by foreign advanced countries. B2>

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