Purchase need to pay attention to the unspoken rules

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set up shop in Taobao after a few years, I have accumulated a lot of experience in purchasing, to find a good source of quality. These things are not online learning, is to rely on their own to experience, gradually summed up.

1, help delivery does not mean postage. Sometimes go to the distant wholesale purchase, the owner may be to can give you delivery "to attract you to purchase, but home to receive the goods before we know, he is just a postage delivery, or your own. I believe this commitment to fool a lot of novice, because they think that picked up cheap. So in the purchase, if the other party to make this commitment, we must ask in detail.

2, all wholesalers recommend products are not. The owner has tried a lot of Taobao, a door, wholesalers took hold, very enthusiastic to refer you to say which one to sell, which is a popular. In fact, if it is really good to sell, do not need to recommend a lot of inventory, so he recommended. In addition, soft hearted novice may be tempted, wholesalers were recommended by some thinking, lead to follow each other, finally into more more. So to purchase, must have their own independent thinking, do not be affected by each other, so as to really select the product in line with the mind.

3, be sure to spot inspection. Many newcomers feel shy in the on-site inspection, take home and found some inferior products, and then come back to find each other and wholesalers theory, admit, had to take home as waste treatment. So get the goods, be sure to inspect the site, although there is no way to go through a piece of land, but at least some checks to reduce the possibility of getting inferior products. This is also one of the problems to be noted.

4, stroll around the wholesale market to start again. Each wholesaler will say that they are the cheapest in the market, is the lowest price. They don’t believe him, according to my purchase experience, some position in the business is not so good, the price is often the most affordable, because their rent cheaper than those of PU, so the price will be cheaper.

5, purchase to choose accurate, can not retreat. In my local wholesale market, after the purchase can not get back to return, because they think this is not auspicious, will affect the business. So the time of purchase, must be careful, try to reduce their own risk, because in taobao.com shop already very small.

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