Alipay counter to beat CBC was stripped off the underpants it is easy to find a pretext

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Ali launched the balance of treasure on the first day there should be one day sooner or later the bank blocked the psychological preparation, but this day is too fast. Yesterday, Ali and four lines of the PK is heating up again, ICBC executives revealed in an interview to further ban Alipay quick payment information, which caused the Alipay employee anger, PR game between state-owned banks and the largest so far the largest third party payment agencies to upgrade again.

balance treasure really let the four lines trembling

balance treasure really let banks tremble, although ICBC executives said Alipay fast payment limit is not for the balance of treasure, is considered as the account security, but in fact is because of fear of the balance of treasure. Even if the quick payment really illegal three years, why not start at this point in time limit?.

why banks increasingly strained the balance of treasure? I have a true piece. My girlfriend’s uncle 50 years old, recently asked me the balance of Baoan is not safe, because his colleagues around the many are beginning to buy the balance of treasure, some day income of 50 dollars, he wants to buy. Found the balance of the treasure of the power of it?

before the balance of treasure may be only 80, 90 touted, and now the balance of treasure heat has been passed to the 60, after the 70, the meaning is very significant. 80, 90 after the deposit is generally limited, to buy the balance of treasure only Cougerenao, while the 60, 70 is the most powerful balance of treasure buyers, they have at least 20~30 million disposable investment deposits, they buy the balance of treasure on the banks of the impact will be very serious.

domestic stock market does not increase, the fund will also be long lost, which allows a large number of 60, after the investment of 70, the balance of the treasure of low-risk, high-yield, convenient and so on how to buy these people can not let the heart. 60, after the general likes to chat, once a group of people in the purchase of these people, and will soon be able to spread out in the crowd and produce a herd effect, others also with the purchase of 70. Now more and more of these things, banks can not worry? Certainly aware of the 60 banks and 70 deposit after the large-scale steering of the balance of treasure, began to limit the amount of fast pay, because they really started to worry, 60, 70 after their basic Xichu ah.

How to let others to sleep in bed

limit is not dead Alipay

How to let others to sleep in bed

, the cheese is Alipay stole, the bank can not angry? On the balance of treasure limit is not enough, to further attack, as far as possible to limit the balance of treasure, get rid of the quick payment can feel at ease.

from the Alipay employee response can be seen, ICBC has begun to have an impact on Alipay is of vital importance. ICBC executives interviewed have said, "through online banking channels to transfer payment agencies, without any restrictions, bank payment services only for quick adjustment of the limit, do not set limits for depositors to all transfers of third party payment mechanism".

Alipay employees responded.

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