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since June 8th this year, Suning announced double the same price, since the prelude of the O2O mode, Suning launched a series of measures in the field of O2O, deepening the integration process. In late October, Suning announced that it will host the first China 020 Shopping Festival in November 8th; in November 21st, Suning has launched electronic membership card, the Suning stores, Tesco official store,, Suning redBaby multi-channel membership card integration, further in the field of O2O.

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Suning line before the line membership card system is relatively independent, there are differences in member data labels and equity. Recently, Suning launched by electronic membership card to realize sharing of membership data, online and offline integration, fanquan membership card and membership rights are fused to achieve a multi-purpose card, the full realization of "one card in hand, sharing online and offline membership privileges" function, while supporting the existing store membership card binding function, upgrade to the general line of the electronic card, let the members into the same circle of interaction." stakeholders told reporters.

it is understood that the consumers for electronic membership card, either online or offline shopping consumption, the consumption of accounting information in the same electronic membership card account, and get points, coupons can also double the general integral can be used offline stores, the exchange of goods in points mall, also you can use online coupons online to enjoy preferential return. In addition, consumers no longer need to go to the next line of the consumer card carrying member, after entering the store landing Suning mobile phone client, you can enjoy the membership card to bring electronic services and preferential; at the same time consumers in store orders, can use the relevant function on the mobile client electronic membership card, can timely query logistics status, and initiated the return process for installation and maintenance.

Su Ning said: "Suning has been committed to the consumer to create a more simple, more concessions, more comfortable shopping experience, the introduction of a new measure of electronic membership card is Suning O2O strategy, the future Suning not only double the same price, service quality, customer experience will be realized the" double synchronous "."

industry insiders pointed out that since the implementation of the strategy of the implementation of the dual line Suning look, Suning steady pace of development on the O2O, clear objectives. Electronic membership card, not only simplifies the transaction process, enhance the customer experience, but also the integration of membership information, for the latter to pave the way for the business based on the analysis of large data. In addition, Suning also leveraging the expanded coverage of the mobile terminal, to speed up the layout of mobile providers.

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