Fu Fu Tong Hishop and other well known companies to carry forward the network transactions

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April 6th news, in recent years, the development of e-commerce has shown a blowout trend, the amount of online transactions increased year by year. It also makes a number of third party payment companies, e-commerce service providers and IDC providers to grow rapidly, and further promote the development of e-commerce, enhance the size of the network has become a hot industry.

days ago, the well-known third party payment platform TenPay in action, joint e-commerce services and service providers around the star system, Hishop, Discuz, the laggards, launched an unprecedented network feedback activities. It is understood that this event for all the money paid through the business, businesses only need to use the money to pay the transaction accumulated to reach a certain amount, you can extract the award through the event page. Activity is sent out nearly a thousand million caifutong traffic packages as prizes, in addition, the enterprise QQ package, the year of the rabbit QQ doll, Q coins and other incentives are attractive.

due to the business will have a certain amount of transactions every day, therefore, for most of the money to pay through the business, these awards and in fact there is no difference between the direct gift. More importantly, according to the provisions of the event, even if the current is not the money to pay the merchant, as long as the immediate registration, after the transaction, the same can get a lucky draw. From March 30th -5 month 31 days, two month long time, to give sufficient time to get the prize, which can arouse the enthusiasm of businessmen to participate in the activities, and can achieve the purpose of user feedback, can shoot two hawks with one arrow.

as the Tencent’s online payment platform TenPay rely on instant online chat tools Chinese maximum QQ large user base, and pat Network e-commerce trading platform, the third party payment field advantage obviously. At the same time, the activities of the partners are also in their respective areas of strong brands: Hishop is a well-known online system and service provider, has a huge user base, with over 9 years experience in online system development; star system, Discuz forum, laggards forum and so on in the surrounding area of e-commerce has a larger user base influence and stability. This strong cooperation, will effectively promote the further increase in the amount of online transactions.

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