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Complete the

disposable index file system, desktop search for any user changes made to automatically update, in your open, save, or browse the contents of mobile computers, desktop search will make changes to the index in a few seconds later, don’t forget to let Google desktop search start automatically with the computer, you can whenever and wherever possible search.

third step: speed search

Figure 3

needs to search the hard disk file, as long as the corresponding type keyword search box, then click on the "desktop" button, almost the moment, we can see the search results shown in Figure 3. Here according to the email, files, Web history, chat and other types of display the corresponding search results, click on the corresponding link can view the type of search results, click on the title page of results can directly open the.

If the search results are

files, in addition to providing a preview outside (of course must be a Google desktop search supported file types, the following will be talked about), you can also view to include detailed path, creation date and other information, and provides a "open folder" button, click to jump to the file folder, and you come from a stored "shows the contents of the individual cache, its function is similar to the web page, in the original file is missing or damaged, we can still use this function for search.

two, the extended Google desktop search range

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