Since the 7 misunderstandings in common media can’t blame the coffee haven’t told you

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from the media is a simple to say, do things difficult, really want to be a good business from the media, is not an easy thing. Kun Kun today to talk about the 7 major errors from the media, I hope all of the people from the media to help.


one, the more fans the better

file from the media, the first reaction is, as far as possible, the more the better, Dora fans, in order to Dora fans, what strokes are used.

Kun Peng here to remind those who are about to be involved in the field of media from the brothers and sisters, the fans are not as good as possible. The better the fans, the better the conditions are: precision. Only accurate fans can produce greater value.

don’t you see the hand piece number of fans tens of hundreds of millions of fans, the number and the amount of reading entertainment gossip is more frightening, but according to Kun Peng on understanding, these people from the media and their income is actually the number of fans and disproportionate.

on the contrary, some fans are not particularly large from the media, but live very well.


For example, before

on Kun Peng also mentioned the "tip of the town, and the hand piece is concerned about the number of the number of concerns than up, even a small fraction of people are not enough, the amount of reading each article is not high. But the tongue town profitability estimates several large than the hand piece.

investigate the reason lies in the precise positioning of the tongue Town, its fans have a common hobby: like food.

so in the mayor recommended to those who are good quality, affordable food, we naturally want to buy.

hand piece attracted fans, and there is no clear user attributes, so although a large amount of fans, but not many companies are willing to pay the advertising fee.

fans, attention is to map a piece of music for the fans, really recommended products, fans really do not necessarily buy.

so Kun Peng here in the media from the media to remind the students, we must want to clear the following questions:

what is my position,


what attributes do I want to attract fans


how to make money after attracting fans


do not wait until things have been done for six months after the discovery, to attract fans in addition to earn points advertising platform, there is no other source of income.

current media revenue sources can be broadly divided into the following categories:

earn the money of the manufacturer: to help manufacturers write soft, soft, this is a lot of technology from the media often do things;

earns money from fans: selling products or services to fans is the highest level of accuracy for fans;

earn platform advertising

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