Corporate brand marketing planning must take charge of five strong relationship

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introduction: with the development of social media, the Internet as a platform for a variety of weak ties have been formed, for brand marketing, obviously weak relationship between the sales conversion rate is relatively low, therefore, to establish direct drive strong relationship marketing performance is a general trend, the five strong hope that the following can be planned to provide a reference for enterprise marketing.


social marketing into the era of strong ties. Enterprises in order to ensure the best performance of marketing efficiency and effectiveness, it is necessary to strengthen the construction of the brand as the center of the strong relationship circle, in order to ensure the effective use and use of this strong relationship to complete the marketing objectives. After entering the big Internet new era of marketing, the author has been studying for the change of the brand marketing environment and development trend of attention and strengthen, in order to find effect of strong relationship marketing, and guide enterprises to effectively use these strong ties.

brand and the target consumer group "life relationship"

into the era of the big Internet, the business sense of democracy and the rise of consumer sovereignty, which put forward a higher challenge to the marketing of enterprises. Marketing is no longer from one end to the other end of the business process, but between the brand and the target consumer group interaction process, even more intimate relationship between the two, and then formed a strong relationship between the brand and the target consumer group, the author calls "life relations". In short, it is the combination of the brand’s marketing activities and social activities of the consumer groups, for both sides, consciously establish a close and friendly relationship.

famous brand is called themselves and customers together, show the brand "brand and the target consumer group between" clothing seamless "strong relationship.

in the marketing planning practice, in order to achieve the strong relationship between the brand and the target consumer group, the author proposes to introduce consumers to create value, share business in the process of bitterness and joy of success.

brand and social media content relationship

social marketing cannot do without social media, for the business enterprise must clearly understand the social media and social media how to operate, this is the premise of entrepreneurial enterprises correct use of social media. In other words, if you want to have a relationship with social media, you must first understand it.

we have seen that some companies use social media to release the content of the activities, the release of corporate information, which can be called the relationship between the brand and social media, but not strong relationship. So, what is the strong relationship between the brand and the social media, the study found that the strong relationship between the brand and the social media is the content relationship".

content marketing has been launched for several years, into the era of social marketing, content marketing and to the extreme, because social media is the need for content, content has become a social supremacy

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