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  website monitoring;
      in an accident in June this year in the Taobao server off for an hour, the loss of about 10 million of online transactions.
      in this era of increasingly intense competition in the site, in the fight for ideas, creative ideas, how to provide sustainable and efficient service to become another battlefield.
      site performance is very important, we all know, because we are very clear, very clear from the very beginning. But because the energy is gradually dispersed in the creative design, functional development, network promotion, etc., but later became part of the owners of the short board.
      but at the same time, as a small webmaster, I don’t want to always sit in front of the computer monitor my web service. Of course, I am more reluctant to spend money to hire two network management personnel 24*7 have to monitor my site, the cost is too high. Therefore, how to quickly and efficiently, low cost website monitoring becomes a problem to be solved.
      after a period of research, some results basically, out to share with you
      the monitoring is divided into internal monitoring and external monitoring points.
internal control

      internal control, that is, through the preparation of programs and scripts, deployed on the server, monitoring the server’s memory, CPU, disk read and write, etc..
now I can realize the way, through the analysis of each monitoring command (top, vmstat, free) to capture the monitoring value.
            such monitoring scripts can basically meet the needs of our low-level monitoring. If necessary

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