More than and 80 institutions waiting in line to pay naked license market intermediary bid has reach

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"people in the city want to get out of town." The current third party payment agencies are in the siege. On the one hand, the central bank recently announced the first batch of 27 non bank payment institutions "to pay business license renewal" results, other payment institutions are still waiting for. On the other hand, the central bank is stepping up to the third party payment agencies inventory storm". According to incomplete statistics, this year, the central bank has opened a ticket third party payment agencies have been 18.

it seems many people in the industry, for the third party payment institutions, the future in addition to the rectification of the existing business, still need to seek innovation in order to solve the problems such as low profit, pay attention to the realization of user data.

day before, after the payment of the license Alipay the first batch in the maturity of more than 3 months, finally renewed. Then, the second installment of the license is also facing problems about to expire.

payment, as a link to the ecosystem as a whole, many companies are eager to have this license in order to revitalize the entire system. Data show that since 2011, the central bank issued a total of 8 batches of the payment of the license plate of the 270, minus the revocation of the violation of the 3, there are currently on the market 267.

in fact, in March 2015 the company received a wide range of e-commerce payment license so far, the central bank has not yet added a payment license. Payment of the licence is in a substantial state of suspension, but there are currently more than and 80 applications in line.

is rare and expensive. An intermediary told the daily economic news reporter, you know, the people’s Bank of China has not issued a new license, but you can renew the license." According to the reporter, a full license operating range of the country’s naked license currently quoted price has reached 500 million yuan, while the price in 2015 at ~3 billion yuan, almost doubled in a year.

stock license saw no less than

recently, Hengda Group has completed the acquisition of the acquisition of Guangxi, indirect access to third party payment license, the purchase price of about 570 million yuan.

in the case of a new license suspension, many companies through equity acquisitions and other ways to obtain payment license.

Beijing Yingke Law Firm senior partner Wang Feng lawyer told the "daily economic news" reporter, the license is not a specific sense, it is a kind of legal license, the license is not for sale, but through asset acquisition, reorganization and so on to realize the change of equity is allowed.

prior to August 12th, due in more than 3 months after the central bank announced on Alipay, China UnionPay, caifutong and other 27 first third party payment institution license renewal results. 27 license renewal is valid for five years, the deadline for May 2, 2021.

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