Longmen forum will be held today

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webmaster network on June 20, 2008, general secretary Hu Jintao by people.com.cn online chat with netizens, creating a China network in history, has aroused strong repercussions in the majority of Internet users, Internet users become the most happy time". In exchange, General Secretary Hu stressed: "to understand the sentiments of the people together, through the Internet, and is also an important channel."

is a better general secretary Hu’s speech carried out, carry forward the Olympic spirit, firmly occupy the position of network, explore the development trend of network forum, communication network forum management experience, promote the network cooperation development forum, sponsored by the Henan provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, Propaganda Department of Luoyang City, the river Network hosted the national well-known website Longmen forum "will be held today until October 24th in Luoyang held in the ancient capital of nine dynasties. The event will focus on the development of the forum and the Internet users are generally concerned about the development, management, operations and other issues focused on promoting the further development of China’s Internet community industry.


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