Abandoned by Google Motorola Lenovo to see how the domain name remarried married life

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renamed China (eName.cn) October 31st news, last night, a big multinational marriage ended, Chinese rich "Lenovo" get married American aristocracy "Motorola", the achievements of a story. But a brief honeymoon period, and how to manage the Lenovo and Motorola marriage, will not repeat the mistakes of Google, the relevant domain of concern.

figure: Lenovo acquisition of Motorola

at the end of January this year, Lenovo to $2 billion 900 million from Google’s acquisition of Motorola’s mobile, the industry attracted intense discussion, some people praise, some people questioned. Now finally completed the acquisition of Lenovo Group, with the market share of Motorola, became the world’s third largest smart mobile phone manufacturers, with the Motorola brand and MOTO 360, Nexus 6 and a series of product portfolio, and its worldwide carriers and channels between the network and 3500 employees.

According to the

query China renamed whois system, Lenovo and Motorola combined lenovomoto.com/.cn/.net/.com.cn domain name at the end of January this year and has been registered.

as everyone knows, before Lenovo, Motorola had "marry" Google, but Google and Motorola failed to save the decline of the aristocracy. Deep pocketed Google do not let Motorola regroup, how Lenovo

?It is reported that

, Lenovo will be a wholly owned subsidiary of Motorola in the form of operation, the original Motorola employees, some employees will also join the association, two team personnel integration, and the operation of the brand, Lenovo and Motorola dual brand operation mode, maintain the relative independence, the latter will continue to adhere to the line of high-end brands and the main European markets, and return to the China market as soon as possible, to help deal with Lenovo millet and other mobile phone brands, expand domestic sales.

hope is good, the reality is cruel. Google failed to do, Lenovo really can do it? For this marriage mouthing a few people, but what will happen, who are not clear, Lenovo might really counter attack on, everything remains to be seen.

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