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renamed Chinese ( October 30th news, early, beautiful said, led the women shopping community website is a landscape of the field of domestic electricity supplier, large and small shopping community all fast, very lively. But now, the beautiful said, has transformed the vertical electricity supplier, close shopping guide community. The two major forces are killed, shopping guide community can save the land?

start of

2009, beautiful said ( was established in 2011, ( on-line. Although two years apart, but the two sites are the main favorable for female users to provide the most beautiful fashion shopping experience, and in order to attract a large number of female consumer groups, with the "law of constant women earn money best", rapid development, just a few years, it has accumulated thousands of million registered users, has become the leading domestic the community shopping guide.

figure: beautiful said

in the past few years, the electricity supplier industry start value domain of influence, Jingdong,, glamour have spent heavily to acquire the domain name, shopping guide website said beauty,, nature is no exception, although not to spend money to buy a domain name, but also attach importance to the protection of the brand name. For example, the beautiful said to protect the, is holding a full set of domain name, and also holds a mushroom home and mushroom mom and other related domain names.

in addition, petals (, network products Guide (, glucose ( and other network stack but also a variety of contests, grab a piece of territory in the shopping guide website in the field.

Ali spoiler

2012, Taobao has nearly 10% of the traffic comes from the beautiful and as the core shopping guide community, in the outside world seems to be very good performance, but let Taobao heart alert. That year, MA in an internal meeting clearly pointed out that beautiful, shopping guide website to be controlled, and to prevent excessive concentration of external traffic in a few."

After the

, Ali launched the Amoy found (, rabbit ( and other coercive home shopping guide website, and reply to cooperate with Baidu traffic, vigorously carry out the "Taobao" advertising alliance, make an effort to suppress other home shopping community, market food shopping community, to avoid dependence.

transformation into the only way

in the Alibaba to "repression", and the limitations of their own development, and beauty soon, accepted the utterly routed "Ali investment incorporated, beautiful said in Tencent, seeking transformation. Lead >

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