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A5 (www.admin5.com) station network May 18th news here, 58 city and Ganji has just announced the merger together, there came Ctrip and where to go to together, and now there is news that Iqiyi and Youku potatoes have together, the recent Internet community is really lively extraordinary.

rumors, Youku potatoes and Iqiyi is in talks with the possibility. If successful, after the merger Youku potatoes will return to the domestic market from the u.s.. Baidu is actively promoting the matter. For the merger rumors, some netizens joked, "Qiyi merged PPS, Youku merger potatoes, next to Iqiyi and Youku merger? The ring true chaos, is certainly false. Two momentum is now very fierce, tearing force on."

but then Iqiyi CEO Gong Yu micro Bo said: "recently, love Qiyi merger with Youku news untrue, Iqiyi and shareholders on the matter with Youku without any communication and negotiation."

video industry has been regarded as "burn money" industry in recent years, with several major video sites are acquired, the video industry has formed a relatively stable pattern. Iqiyi and PPS, Youku potatoes, and the 56 Network Video Sohu. At the end of 2014, Baidu, millet, Iqiyi and capital jointly announced a $300 million strategic stake in Iqiyi to millet, millet along for the capital to participate in the strategic investment. At the same time, Baidu added to Iqiyi investment. In this regard, the industry believes that the giant participation let video website battlefield more whirling. But in these chaos behind, a general consensus in the video industry is the future of video website will be out of the warlords melee situation, eventually left the company 1-2.

is now the video industry, is still active in the purchase of copyrighted content, only the basic line of the homemade potatoes Youku, Iqiyi, Tencent, Sohu, video and music network video. In the context of continuing vicious competition, the video industry has been in a state of overall loss. Youku potatoes released in 2014 showed a loss of $143 million last year. Fortune to buy drama, variety shows and other content, in competition with rivals is one of the important reasons.

Iqiyi CEO Gong Yu has said recently, the video industry as a whole is undervalued in the stock market. He pointed out that this is because the industry does not establish internal health rules, which led to the high cost of the enterprise, but also led to industry investors underestimate the value of video sites. Independent listed companies in the industry only Youku one, with its share price, the value of the enterprise and the industry is seriously undervalued." Gong Yu has also made it clear that, after obtaining the video industry’s largest market and revenue share, before considering IPO. The goal is to exceed Youku potatoes valuation". The possibility of merging from Gong Yu’s speech is not independent of the Iqiyi IPO


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