The mysterious Poson and minon Chinese Tesla trademark battle

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accounted for Po Sang about his first meeting with Tesla executives. At that time, he should Tesla invited to Hongkong, the negotiating table, the other party for the first time out of the price: $50 thousand.


when I was a grass root?" angry tone of contempt and accounted for Po Sang, over the phone can still be clearly feel.

After the first meeting of

part, Tesla will offer a doubled several times, 2 million yuan. But the figures were also accounted for Po Sang to her, he made use of Wang Chuanfu’s words, the financial Tencent said: "I took 2 million minutes."

with the first quarter of this year for the first time to achieve a profit of $15 million, and the company founder Elon Musk · as the "Iron Man" lead prototype story widely spread in the electric vehicle market Starving people fill the land. "outshines" Tesla Motors (Tesla Motors), at the beginning of worldwide fame, as the Silicon Valley an apple, the share price has doubled in 3 months.

win glory, while numerous questions and a large number of short-term funds are concentrated in tesla. To achieve real success, as with all automobile manufacturers, must look to the market Chinese musk. But he soon found a rather tricky problem: Tesla’s trademark rights in Chinese and English belong to a man named Zhan Baosheng.

"I wanted to use a reasonable price for the trademark, but unfortunately that man is not honest." Musk said to the media recently, the other asking for $30 million in "extortion" tesla. You know, but this number by two times in the first quarter by selling carbon emission index to obtain profit.

but accounted for Po Sang tells another story.

he told the Tencent Finance said that he was not reselling trademark Tesla imagined "speculators", and the founder of PayPal (the world’s largest electronic payment platform), SpaceX (private Rocket Company) of the musk, the same is a serial entrepreneur, have the same dream electric extraordinary: a future the value of billions of dollars, now $30 million worth of dream.

but there are also plenty of evidence, one called "Poson", in reselling domain names in the industry, many claiming to be "rice farming" practitioners of respect for the "gangster gangster", and the "Poson", it is possible that accounted for Po Sang, though he does not recognize.

price differences 198 million

denied the active accounting Po Sang at $30 million. He said, "I never wanted to sell them." This number of sources, accounting for Po Sang their own told Tesla, the electric car has received venture off, venture capital is given the valuation is 200 million yuan, dollars, about 3>

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