The second half of U S taxi service began from the intensive and meticulous farming

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yesterday is Valentine’s day, the biggest thing is Kim Jeong-eun’s brother Jin Zhengnan was killed in Malaysia, Malaysia once again become the focus of the world, Kun Peng of the four words on it, the country has a bit of papa.


of course this world-class event is still a little far away from us, talk these things, the U.S. group yesterday actually opened a taxi service, though it is still in Nanjing, also believed to be startled body drops, easy to sweat, the divine.

according to the media after the deep fried found that the main business to provide a taxi company called Shanghai Road Group Technology Co., Ltd., established on January 12, 2017. Shareholders are Wang Xing, Mu Rongjun (vice president of the U.S. group technology), the legal person is the president of the United States ().


remember last November 21st, Zhang Yiming, the founder of today’s headlines and beauty group comments CEO Wang Xing, founder of travel drops Chengwei for a "3.5 hour" exchanges closed at the World Conference on the Internet, was the industry become a favourite tale. But Kun Peng believes that when Wang did not have to tell Cheng Wei, he will be launched in 3 months after the taxi business.


Kun Peng believes that the United States to join the battle to fight the car, not only will make travel areas become more interesting, and even the Internet industry will move for it, and even more will be born after the story has a super super.

would have thought that 2017 will be a dull year, who would like to be the king of this wonderful old cannon to ignite the internet.

United States mission with what opened a taxi?

Kun Peng believes that the United States mission to open a taxi with two main points:


consumer scene

on the flow, the U.S. mission has nearly 600 million users review, orders over the day of the order of more than 13 million, mobile terminal monthly active users over 180 million. The magnitude of this not only in China, even in the world are chasing up.

everyone knows, in order to be a good business, we must first have a customer, this is the most basic conditions, especially for such a taxi on the basic services of travel, which is the flow.

but the current flow of the bonus period has ended, traffic becomes increasingly difficult to get, the flow of more expensive. This is one of the important reasons why internet entrepreneurs into the freezing point.

according to Analysys data show that in 2015, China Mobile Internet users reached 790 million, the demographic dividend disappeared. By 2016, the ministry data show that China’s mobile Internet users has reached 980 million.

behind a huge number of figures shows that it is almost impossible to add new users on the Internet

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