Shanghai station third party alliance and Tai Chi marriage

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Shanghai webmaster meeting location is to provide service for the webmaster, can’t let the party to meet the needs of the exchange and pay. But there is no money to pay the venue fees, fees, etc.. Negotiating with a business company is the best choice. Since the preparations for the third phase of the party began, the organizers will focus on business public relations. But we have the power is still relatively weak, there is no strength to attract the attention of business companies.

after emergency and T2C Tai Chi alliance three days of consultations, the day before the meeting, the two sides finally reached cooperation, sponsored by third party alliance as Taiji webmaster, then signed a cooperation agreement, Tai Chi Union immediately pay cash. Although the amount of money is not enough, but enough for a simple party overall costs. Participating owners, and finally free to participate in their own party activities.

ever less contact with Taiji alliance, in the party scene I saw their work efficiency and work attitude. The organizers arranged a party chief in charge of attendance, the thought of Tai Chi Union staff to participants, to negotiate business cooperation (even before the two sides sign the agreement Party has repeatedly stated that the participants do not bother too webmaster, but my heart is still not the end.). What to think, to sit high outstanding guest seat, set aside 15 minutes to speak, can only speak for 10 minutes, said modestly to the webmaster for more time, you also to listen and communicate. The other three women have a division of labor, attendance, venue, photo. They help our staff sign in, and, of course, give publicity to Tai Chi alliance. I can see that their party experience is much better than ours.

because of affairs arrangement, the organizers did not particularly care organizers and sponsors (Chinese domain network, know the marketing planning agencies). But there are many webmaster but for their "injustice": should be organized with third-party units to provide as much as possible, to take good care of them, so that they have a good party experience, this is a win-win.

afterwards, Miss Oriole and is responsible for the association to discuss cooperation matters of the Tai Chi marketing specialist on one side and said, we don’t have official at the event. Yes, they did quite well, and with the Shanghai webmaster Association third party operation.

here, Shanghai webmaster association to T2C Tai Chi alliance Mr. Gao Chengjie, Miss oriole, and the other two beautiful MM thank the staff!


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