Li two split four two cohorts was jailed for paid posts and recommended video

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Legal Evening News (reporter Wang Xiaofei) for receiving, Erma Angel Erma interactive company commissioned to help Li two split four "paid recommendations, posting, delete posts paid today (November 14th) afternoon, the original video editing Junfei Wu national staff bribery case, Beijing, with the creation of culture media Co. illegal business the legal representative of the Zhao Yuke case in Chaoyang court verdicts, Wu Jun jailed for a year and a half, Zhao Yuke jailed for four months a year.

said: the prosecutor accused Wu Jun in November 2010 to August 2013, repeatedly accepted Beijing Erma Angel Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Beijing Erma interactive marketing planning Co. Ltd. entrusted, as the use of their technology ( Chinese) Post Co., video editing, video released for the two companies in the recommendation,, and the two companies received 50100 yuan payment. After Wu Jun was seized and brought to justice.

after the incident, Wu Jun relatives to help them pay back 52000 yuan.


trial, the facts and charges Wu Jun prosecutor accused of no objection, the defender believes Wu Jun has surrendered the plot, and has returned all the money, it has good attitude, subjective malignant small, after the arrest, suggestions for a lighter punishment.

court held that, Wu Jun as company staff, taking advantage of his position, accepting other people’s property, to seek benefits for others, the larger amount, his behavior constituted the crime of bribery of non national staff should be punished. In view of the fact that Wu Jun voluntarily pleaded guilty in court, with repentance, and actively to pay back the money, won him a lighter punishment. Defense counsel’s opinion, the court should be part of the adoption, but on the surrender of a section, due to the lack of factual and legal basis, the court did not recognize.

finally, Chaoyang Court in a non national staff of bribery, sentenced Wu Jun to imprisonment for six months a year, pay back 52 thousand yuan, of which 50100 yuan shall be confiscated and returned to the rest of Wu Jun.

at the same time, with the Beijing Department of the culture media Co., the legal representative of the company by Zhao Yuke in October 2010 to August 2013, for the purpose of profit, accept Beijing Erma Angel Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Beijing Erma interactive marketing planning Limited commissioned, paid delete posts and charge delete costs more than 7 yuan, the crime of illegal business operation, a was sentenced to imprisonment for four months a year and fined 10 thousand yuan.

After the sentencing of

, Wu Jun, Zhao Yuke said they did not appeal.

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