Two figure to understand the nternet lottery event inside the sale

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why the Internet lottery has repeatedly been halted, the real reason behind where all the current reports, it seems that they did not touch the essence". Cai will find the Internet lottery often stop, but the real reason behind the release of the time is that two points:

first, the special commodity under the traditional format of the lottery, wear on the Internet, especially the mobile Internet, clothes, immediately changed the original pattern of interests.

two is for the rapid expansion of the Internet lottery brings new benefits (the future will be the most important) how to control and re allocation, it seems that there is still no good solution.

in this case, the official to take stop mode, is undoubtedly the best choice.

old pattern: each house from the front door snow

first look at the beginning of the Internet lottery did not develop, China’s lottery industry pattern:



1, according to relevant information, before 2010, that is, in the absence of Internet lottery, or the beginning of the birth of the Internet lottery, the annual sales of the national lottery has been a slight slow climb attitude growth. Lottery sales in each province, depending on the province’s population and economic consumption level. Lottery sales in most provinces, but also basically Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shandong, Zhejiang, the population and economic province, over the years, the structure and ranking are relatively stable.

2, this structure is mainly because the traditional lottery issuance decision pattern: color by various provinces and cities nationwide sales floor, to meet the various provinces and cities nationwide to buy lottery lottery demand. Various provinces and cities of local color, only in the provinces and regions to sell, almost no cross regional sales.

new pattern: the door was swept snow

look at the Internet lottery, especially after the rapid development of mobile Internet lottery, the pattern of China’s lottery industry:




1, the original by the regional restrictions and the interests of the relatively fixed lottery industry, especially by the Internet to break into the mobile internet.

2, not limited to the region especially mobile Internet Internet lottery lottery, the lottery occupy in this "cake" in the proportion of more and more heavy, the future will be the proportion of the largest lottery "cake".

3, the old pattern of interests in the lottery, in the role of "provincial and municipal lottery center", no power, no need to compete with each other. In the new pattern, can see the essence of the Internet and take the initiative to embrace the Internet

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