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recently Anne’s cartoon has been very fire, but also on the Internet caused a huge discussion, does not involve the event itself, I just to evaluate the marketing process and the effect of the micro-blog itself.

45W forwarding, 9w5 comments, 36W praise. The spread is very uniform, the farthest to reach 11 layers of forwarding, micro-blog users will be very strong willingness to forward.


has an article in eight said it was because the hand piece union company have been forwarded, but actually the spread of key nodes and the largest contribution does have a lot of marketing account.

list of low quality ratio is the proportion of zombie accounts, this type of account is a typical feature of a high degree of activity, the majority of forwarding business content. Usually large in the brand to pay the article, you need to enable such account to increase the number of forwarding the completion of the assessment indicators (there is a completely unrelated to the soy sauce do not know if you can see). From the overall ratio, the quality is quite good, we should know that the majority of the brand with the promotion of large, low quality than in 60%~90%. However, in addition to the blogger’s fans on the contribution of the direct forwarding of 18W, and spread out after the follow-up caused a total of more than 23W of the forwarding, the other large cumulative caused by one thousand or two thousand. That is to say, the blogger’s fans have played a decisive role in their authenticity, activity and influence on them. Forwarding user characteristics: women occupy 73%, most of the mobile devices forward, the authenticity is quite high. Can look inside the various devices is also very interesting.


geographical point of view, compared with the number of users in Shanghai ranked with micro-blog, the basic can be compared with nearly 30 days to mention the user groups kfc.

forward Anne micro-blog:


comment number 9w5, the crowd is basically similar to the situation, there is an interesting point is that the peak value of the comments occurred between 21 to 1 in the morning, while the peak of the forwarding occurs at 0:00 and the morning of 8 to 11 points.

forward and comment on the contents of the most mentioned words are refueling and dreams. Note that the number of points like 36W, which itself is also a large amount of interaction. Sina’s hot list mechanism opaque, but praise is a certain number of weights, does not rule out a brush like to get the weight of the tuba. Because there is no point of praise of the detailed data interface, can not do further analysis.

this is not a perfect but successful marketing. Anne popular popularity on micro-blog, not only about eight million of the removal of zombie powder also has millions of fans, the usual micro-blog is also a variety of over million forwarding comments. This time the use of micro-blog, and they are good at everyone likes to see the form of comics to promote their new products, the effect is very good.

one, you can use their own chicken soup story lead to more resonance, to achieve the purpose of promotion. I feel it in the circle of friends, there are a lot of forwarding, forwarding >

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