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Links, also known as web site exchange links, is a simple form of cooperation between certain resources complementary advantages of the website, LOGO image or text place the other site respectively on their website the name of the site, and set the hyperlinks to other websites. To achieve the purpose of mutual promotion, so often as a the basic means of website promotion.

above: an electricity supplier website links


Links is divided into two kinds of pictures and text display form, we choose a more conducive to the website promotion? We examined a number of well-known sites, found that most of the websites, more tend to

text links!

some people think: pictures with LOGO and color, should be better to show the style of the website, from the promotion point of view, the picture link can bring more traffic.

in fact, from the statistical analysis of user behavior, click on the user every day can be said to be very few links, in other words, links directly to the flow can be ignored!

friends of the chain’s real role is to vote for the site keywords ranking. Now most of the site traffic are relying on Baidu, Sogou, Google and other search engines, and only a few of the top ranked sites to get the user clicks. To get a good ranking, one important factor is that you need enough external links to vote for your site. In terms of search reptiles, and every link of the text is as a key word, the key word for the site to vote on an important vote.

is the most common link is not to get the user to click, but a search engine for the voting mechanism. Links are often due to the remote location, rarely bring direct traffic, but it allows the site to get the search engine attention, with the curve means saving the country. Therefore, in the link display, the text is better than the picture.

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