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Abstract: the general investment is the pursuit of financial returns, you have to buy the stock is 20%-30%, while the PE may be 2-3 times, but the angel investment returns beyond imagination, may be dozens of times, hundreds of times, even thousands of times.

he is diligent in thinking, in summary, in many years of practical experience, put forward the originality of the angel investment 3 strokes 30.

is both an entrepreneur and angel investor, and he admits he prefers the latter. I think people do business tired, but do not invest the same. I even voted 100 projects, but I deal with the object of the founders of the 100. Whether it is 90, 80, 70, after the 60, they have a dream, but also very passionate. Dealing with entrepreneurs, I think the diamond cuts diamond saw, when she was young, carefree exchanges." This feeling has won the entrepreneur’s angel investors great resonance.


first, what is angel investment?

said the angel investment, everyone on the 3F (family, friends, fool) argument for having heard it many times but you heard that "3H," and "3S


Mr. Liu Xiaoying, from the development of a project, or a few funds to finance the most early is the angel investment, but did not have too strict division of seed, angel and Archangel can be called Angel investment. From the investment object, the angel cast is a primary school student, VC cast is a middle school student, and PE is a college student, that is "3S". From the investment properties, the equivalent of other forms of investment, angel investment belongs to three (3H) varieties, high risk, high growth, high return. But because of a small investment, the risk is high, but also can afford."


second, angel investment in the end is to make money or lose money business


said that most angel investors are losing money, may 97% will be lost, the remaining 3% also toss. No return to describe angel investment does not seem too costly or with signs of danger appearing everywhere but Mr Liu Xiaoying did not agree. He believes that angel investment can not only make money, but also can be a lifetime career.

angel investment is certainly not far to see, you voted five or six years after the listing of the company’s plate. For example, O2O, now the stock market is not only the plate, games, electricity providers, service life and so on, like a wandering, happy bean, vip.com, 58 city. This is actually five or six years ago, the company’s pioneering plate. Do angel investment, we can not be instant success, more not anxious, be prepared to fight a protracted war, there are more than five or six years return expectations."

general investment, the pursuit of financial returns, you buy shares >

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