Senior Akang ten years experience how to avoid those years you dropped the pit

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as I know from Akang, this position is difficult, if you use a poem to describe is almost inaccessible to akang. Many of the newcomers Akang, because of too little experience, will inevitably encounter many embedded or inadvertently pit, or fearless, own to dig a hole to jump.


NO1. contract pit

a word a word to audit:

although the contract will have a legal hearing,

but every company is required for the contract

will definitely have a different opinion,

directly and indirectly modify the contract.

Kang for contract to carefully examine the modified content,

we usually focus on a few big points involving execution time,

payment methods, invoices and other aspects of confirmation.

avoid getting stuck in the pit…..

NO2. communication pit

communication must have chat record:

communication time,

don’t forget to use email! By email!


(important things 3 times)

must have everything, big and small recorded information,

whether it is an email or WeChat chat,

must have something to prove.

Don’t wait for the other

shameless you can’t find evidence.

I have a colleague who believes in customer service,

telephone communication with customer marketing department,

finally the other department of the market to make their own mistakes in order to evade responsibility,

put things on my colleague,

female colleague wronged splinters, only hate their phone without recording…

NO3. resignation pit

is the most sad thing is a case for the 8 pick up:

do not know whether the evil,

each case there will always be a number of Party members to resign,

quit his job,

also with the new party to re communicate the case again Blalala;

communication also communicate it,

you for former do not admit, what is that his decision, you have to rethink the plan;

think about it,

that you have been dragging the implementation of the table, the eldest brother of our contract to expire…


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