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October 29th, WeChat public platform MapWorld beta, open a new certification system, and to increase the development of the corresponding interface, this is mainly for the service number. This is good news for WeChat operators, but for small business owners, real time operation of these details, can be expensive to fix things, is a hard nut to crack, really want to play WeChat, will have to see the operation.

operating WeChat public number is clearly different from micro-blog marketing. Unlike micro-blog marketing, most of the content of the public WeChat is almost once and for all, do not need the overwhelming amount of information to spread Chen to attract and delight people of different tastes. In the WeChat public number you have to do is to content as the core, all not content as the core of WeChat marketing are playing rogue.

accurate information communication

in WeChat, the fans don’t need you to tell him a joke before ten to relations, and then sell to him, here you only need to tell the fans what you can offer them to every piece of content can include information maximization.


do not think this is a picture of the food or film class WeChat large, which is the China Merchants Bank Credit Card – Beijing WeChat public number of content, directly to the fans can enjoy the preferential. The first message will can enjoy preferential chowhound restaurant full display, each catering brand there are a number of stores, can enjoy half off discount, which really let their chowhound no resistance. You’re not chowhound? Never mind, half off points for free movies, KTV, you pick one! No love?! well, as you have been tired of the nouveau riche, then to the installment purchase, buy a car buy a mobile phone, all 0 0 interest fee. There are so many concessions can easily touch your nerves.

of course, even if the content conveyed should also pay attention to the mode of expression. For example, between the lines to sell adorable is different, it is like a husky and meow star who sell adorable grade points. In the "Beijing – China Merchants Bank credit card" content, or "O (or V)," o~~ "^" symbol and expression as a goddess in the chat "ha ha", with the glamorous and elegant sense of different approaches but equally satisfactory results.

also pay attention to the visual effect of the content, the picture should have a sense of beauty, can be a number of landscaping. Layout should also try to fine some text can be different or to distinguish some color or font, but also makes clear more comfortable to read.


In addition,

can pay attention to some of the human nature, such as the map above can make people more impressive.

clear logical thinking

WeChat public

, "China Merchants Bank Credit Card – Beijing" guide language also revealing a little domineering.

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