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because the Japanese government’s so-called "purchase island" unilaterally nationalization, the Sino Japanese relations deteriorated, the Diaoyu Islands "occupy the major media headlines, many places have held anti-Japanese demonstrations at the same time, the Diaoyu Islands can be said to be the biggest recent hot events. (the author not many political issues and comments, only from the perspective of marketing to illustrate his point of view), and with this hot is plotted together sun positive energy power occasion marketing activities of red flag ".

what is the marketing occasion? Generally refers to the campaign through the homeopathy, etc., to improve enterprise or product awareness, establish a good brand image, to facilitate the day after the sales of a product or service a marketing way. the marketing occasion, it is one not only expressed their sense of social responsibility and patriotism, but also very good propaganda enterprise brand.


on the morning of September 16th, published micro-blog: "many users from Dangdang with parcels sent the red flag at the photo, I like you excited, we have the same rational patriotic patriotism! Let us be moved and proud! Come on, a piece of red sun, a transfer of power, a rational patriotism!". In September 17th, Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing on his personal micro-blog reprint and evaluation: Dangdang custom 1 million red flag, has begun to send with the package. After we receive, please hang up, hanging in the office, hanging at home, let us together with the rational form of power transmission".

let us together from the time axis to see the through marketing events, since September 14, with the 1 to send parcels, logistics within 2 days to reach the hands of users, users began to discuss buy goods send red flag. In September 16th, the plan of "rational patriotism Dangdang drying power of red flag" social activities, through the spread of reputation, good use of social media, the role of social media on the electricity supplier, the author has been in the "social marketing", said the new position of the traditional business enterprise marketing in the paper. In September 17th, micro-blog brother Li Guoqing in his mouth again, the activity continued heating, and by September 18th, can be said to be the climax of marketing occasion -9.18 incident anniversary.

according to the relevant statistics, in 17, the planning of the sun, the red flag power activities, the amount of time to send a day on more than 100 thousand times. And on the 18 day, Dangdang before the waterfall like advertising disappeared, replaced by a large red public topics. The official website of micro-blog background to the five-star red flag, mouth brother micro-blog’s personal avatar is replaced by the patriotic people to Dangdang, taking advantage of the marketing in the end. This series of marketing means, not only to cater to the patriotic "Diaoyu Islands" problem of the people, pass a positive energy, more at the same time, for them, the greater the role of brand marketing.

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