Four elements to help the soft marketing more successful

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believes that understanding of soft webmaster all know, through the soft advertising marketing can not only improve the website’s brand, but also for the website attracted a large number of IP, high quality soft was reproduced share can bring a lot of the chain for the website, the website to improve the key word ranking and weighting effect can not be underestimated. Although the effect of soft Wen marketing is very obvious, but the writing ability of soft Wen has become the threshold of many owners. Even if a lot of webmaster can take out a soft article, but often can not reach the author mentioned above, this is a lot of problems. So how to improve the effect of soft marketing? The author summarizes many years to write soft experience, separately from the title of the article, topic, structure and advertisement into four aspects analysis, summed up the four elements:

an attractive title is the foundation of soft marketing success

The content of

soft and rich, if there isn’t a sufficiently attractive title is futile, the title of the article is the enterprise LOGO, represent the core content of the article, which is even directly affect the success or failure of marketing. So the first step in the creation of the soft, the article will give a full of temptation, shock, mysterious title, such as a piece of soft Wen "before I haven’t started with soap? You too OUT" through the combination of rhetorical question and popular word "OUT", to the beauty of the woman with a mysterious fresh title, in this new topic to obtain a large number of reprint. Here remind everybody, although the title to be tempting, but should not become the title of the party, leading to the user of goods not board, cry up wine and sell vinegar feeling.

two, seize the current hot spots, the use of popular events and popular words as a topic

Since the "

Jocie Guo" incident hit the red after each big website, newspapers began to publish relevant news reports, the search engine search volume will increase, so who should seize the current hot spots, who will succeed. Current hot spots, as the name implies is those with timeliness, the freshest, most popular news. Such as the recent "Little Yue Yue incident" and "China bus", can be used as the theme, "Little Yue Yue event" can be used to talk about humanity, China bus can lead to "Chinese manufacturing problems" etc.. Popular words are the same, such as the recent more people use the "awesome" and "wood", "cloud", "pear" and "OUT", are able to capture the user’s psychological, cause the attention of the user.

three, the article layout clear, clever distribution of small headlines highlight the focus of

high quality soft layout should be strict. Imagine everything in good order and well arranged, a publishing messy article, not only will make readers reading difficulties and confusion, but also give people a feeling of no authority. Therefore, in order to achieve the purpose of marketing soft text, the article typesetting can not be sloppy, you need to do the most basic coherence, it is best to mark the title on each topic, so spit out the focus of the article, let people see >

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