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President Obama shortly after taking office, left his hometown in Chicago, with his wife Michel and two daughters in the white house. In the face of a number of media interviews, Obama affectionately said that he was very fond of the old house is located in Hyde Park, Chicago, after a full term, he will take his family back home. The news made Bill happy, because he was an old neighbor of Obama.

a few years ago, Bill had a bet, he promised himself by 2010, will become a millionaire, seeing the period of only 1 years, it is still far from achieving his goal. Now the chance is finally here. His house for Obama and social status. It’s a rare thing to be one of the world’s most famous figures, the president of the United States, Obama, and he is so eager to sell his house to an agency.

in order to sell his house, Bill also deliberately built a website, a full range of his house: this mansion has 17 rooms, nearly 600 square meters, very practical and comfortable. More importantly, Obama has repeatedly come to this guest, but also in front of his house to shoot a campaign ad. This is a house that has been recorded in history, Bill believes that with these selling points, he, the house will be able to sell more than $3 million price.

It is as expected, this website will soon have hundreds of thousands of people click browse, however, let Bill surprise, although pay more attention to the man of the house, but no one is willing to buy. What is the reason for buyers at the housing from

?In order to figure out what was going on, Bill carefully checked the message on the website.

. It turned out that everyone worried about buying his house, will live under tight surveillance. Yes, Obama and his wife both went to the White House, but there are still more than agents in other family to protect Obama, covered in public places nearby are dense camera. As long as out of the house, it is difficult to protect privacy.

even worse, Obama back after the expiration, reporters will certainly stampede in. At that time, the life of the neighbors will be seriously disturbed. At that time, every day, I am afraid, will be subject to security and agents such as the treatment of prisoners and examination. This kind of living environment, with what is the difference between the prison and even friends, it is estimated that they will not be afraid of trouble because of the door!

so, after more than 1 years, the house is still not sold out. Bill is very anxious, he had promised to his family, the house sold after they go on a family holiday, but until now still can not fulfill his promise. He and his friends were going to lose the game, when a young man named Daniel found him. Daniel told Bill want to buy a house, he and Obama, like, have black blood. Obama is his idol, but he has never shaken the hand of Obama. If he buys it, he’ll have a chance to see the president.

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