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as everyone knows, network promotion business volume from the largest search engine, especially Chinese users, Baidu is a "poised". A large number of enterprises, including personal owners in the above spend money, want to get the proper return. Baidu is also relying on its own resources to earn enough pocket. This week, through a few friends in the industry of Baidu research, and finally mastered a Baidu promotion of technology. For the first time to share with you.

first, Baidu this "Feng Shui" the most important position has three: search keywords after the home position, the search box at the bottom of the Baidu search. Do not know a friend can open Baidu look. Ha-ha。 Among them, the location of the home page after the search keywords can be optimized by paying or SEO occupation. You have money or technology. Today, I mainly just another piece of "treasure about Baidu two". Note: due to the need of the article, the following mentioned some industry or company name without any commercial purpose, please forgive me, please contact me if there is a violation of


we first in the Baidu search for "cooking", you can look down the Baidu keyword in the search box.


is high and the. What customers want to know is probably in these words. Next, click into the Baidu. Observe the underlying search. A total of ten keywords. My understanding of the importance of these two positions is: a good display of the company’s brand, enhance the brand’s influence, in addition, with a higher quality of customers. For example, we search Baidu soymilk machine, the following search is:


these brands are well-known soybean milk machine. Customers believe. In addition, the user points below the key words into the brand’s publicity area. Customer quality is higher.

believe that we may now see which one guess what is said in the title. Yes, that is, we want to do keywords appear in Baidu search box and the following search. In the course of the study of several of our friends. In addition to sensitive words and some of the large amount of search words, the words you want to do can go up. And the number of words is not restricted. The most valuable is that we put the technology into a software. If anyone has a deeper level of research or recommendations in this regard, welcomed the exchange, contact QQ is 334088939 (relatively busy, long-term stealth)

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