Case analysis of QQ space ranking profiteering

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makes use of QQ space to do a lot of ranking benefits.

1, QQ large space platform can be used to make it a high ranking weight.

2, opened a QQ space with low cost and high efficiency for hundreds of times the profit.

3, you can use the station group model to do better

4, simple, a little foundation can do, who do who know.

below we take three examples of using QQ space to do the rankings for your reference.

case, Shanghai credit card cash

keyword: Shanghai credit card cash

Baidu index: 235


keyword Baidu ranked first


click in to see:


earnings analysis: This is a gray industry, credit card cash handling fees in general between 3% – 10%. I often have friends because they can not afford a credit card, the credit card directly on the company where there is mention. If a credit card is the company’s monthly water at about 1 million, then the profit is about 50 thousand. However, a credit card cash company a month of water only 1 million? Think about how violent it!

case two: graduation certificate for

Keywords: graduation certificate for

Baidu index: 214


make use of QQ space to do graduation certificate keywords Baidu ranked first


click in to see:


profit analysis: do a fake graduation certificate need to price is 2000—3000 yuan, look at the colleges and universities, but the cost of about 100 yuan. False do need a little technical content.

People’s Republic of China is now very rampant counterfeiting and fan Jia period. Throughout the history of the world’s goods, the United States from 1840 to 1910 is the era of rampant fakes, even worse than it is now Chinese hundreds of times; in Germany from 1871 to 1900 is the era of rampant fakes, all things are made in Germany by the British Post insulting label: German manufacturing; Japan from 1945 to 1960 the era of rampant fakes, the East is synonymous with fake goods. China from the beginning of 1979 fakes flooding, how long will it take to get out of China, no one knows.

is now a lot of Chinese people

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