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some people say, "character determines destiny", in fact, I think it is more accurate to say that the fate of thinking". The real difference between people, not bad money, but must be poor in thinking. A lot of people can not afford the cause, wealth can not achieve great growth, generally not lack of funds, it may be missing thinking.

and some people chat, as long as he looked at the point of view of the problem, look at things in the way, the general will be able to determine the future of this line can not do, or now mixed so well there is a reason. The reason why I can’t get up is what I call the weak mind.

today I will share with you some of the typical weak thinking".


one, for their new things do not understand

is not to choose to understand, but to reject

then find out the reasons for rejection, prove yourself right

, for example, more than two years live fire, but the dispute is also relatively large!

if you ask some people to see how to live first, they tried to live, then you will get the second-hand information according to their own judgment: live is not a bunch of cosmetic had a net face in front of the camera. Barelegged, say something worthless, too low.

indeed, this is the 1 version of the live broadcast, but also the stage of barbaric growth, but the future of the live, will be extended to the field of beauty from the red network, to the public, vertical and professional. You do not understand, it is a direct denial of this phenomenon, is tantamount to denying the possibility of the future and your participation. Until one day a friend around you become opinion leaders in the live bonus period quickly circle powder, you just wake up and exclaimed: but you are too late.


when live out of Luo Zhenyu, a more than and 40 year old Yan no value of fat, with a lot of beautiful anchor in the same platform, cheerfully doing live, often inserted a "thank you XX for the Porsche", more funny, more harmonious. These big coffee fields or for the strange new things is always cautious judgment, but optimistic, love experience.

this person may be faster than most people, one step to find the tuyere, take action earlier. The weak thinking, can only live in the present, and can not have the future.

two, not only against the new things, the more terrible is

he will find a bunch of second-hand reasons to deny him

to meet their natural right

Others such as

‘s sudden success, don’t you think that is behind the effort and vision, and that is luck or coincidence, disdain, "I can think, I just didn’t do" – this is the weak thinking. When there is a conflict between the new and the original thought of the brain, do the negative

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