Passion World Cup linkage world CN domain name 19 9 yuan decisive low price peak

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once every four years "speed and passion" in the upcoming feast in this June sing the prelude, miracle flying world cup will ignite six billion people’s enthusiasm, the world will be crazy. As far as the South American continent of the game, only to visit the scene to feel the World Cup brings the kind of fanaticism, shock and passion it?

passion shines, the OTC! Top eight domain registrar joint top of the world ( has been the first choice for investors, such as the launch of a CN domain name of 22.9 yuan will continue unpopular sales, as hundreds of millions of fans of the world cup frenzy like passion. This summer, the linkage of the world will let you keep a whole summer of passion and madness, following the CN domain name of 22.9 yuan again after the launch of a lower attractive price of 19.9 yuan, believe that this is the world cup in 2014 after an exciting news, will once again shock the CN domain name investment market.

as China marked CN domain name, not only can make the domestic and foreign enterprises to better integrate into each other, but also the development of mining resources, greatly easing the market for the COM domain name "thirst", can be said to be a good market prospect.

Cn domain name as the domestic enterprises to kick the opportunity to the international, and 19.9 yuan to highlight the value of the charm, the majority of businesses have no reason not to seize the initiative?

is the linkage of the world have been ready, CN domain name officially entered the hot sales, the passion in June, close to the linkage of the world shared with the world cup feast!

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