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of Kingsoft Lei Jun

Lei Jun is a strict in demands of people. His shirt is very smooth, shoes always spotless.

Lei Jun is very hard, every night to leave the company in 12, 9 in the morning to go to work, and the staff also crowded elevator. In the elevator, he is not in the transaction by mobile phone, is squinting repose, occasionally shouting employee ray total, he nodded politely, but not much expression.

thrift let Lei famous, he of all expenditures always very careful in reckoning. Once called Lei concentration layer a delay to the point of the meal, we thought that the boss will ask everybody to eat meal is not good but not bad at lunch, but in the end is a bowl of Fried rice with egg.

several times the president flew to Chengdu on a business trip, from the airport to the company on the road, Wang Feng said, I would like to give our department to do the best people reward 100 yuan, so that people will be very happy. Lei Jun said, I will get 100 dollars, but I want to 10 people, so there are 10 people very happy. Qiu Baijun ha ha laugh, Lei Jun said, you do not have to give money, if you jump from the car, the company’s more than 1 thousand people are very happy.

Qiu Baijun of the phrase a joke style, after a long time to understand to. But the level of compensation has been in the industry, Jinshan, but also really let these more than 1 thousand employees are not happy. We are all looking forward to the thrifty boss.

in fact, after last year’s $72 million Jinshan financing, management has paid a higher salary. After the listing of Jinshan will have more money, in addition to those millionaires overnight riches, the general staff was also full of hope. We have passed a few years, after the listing of benefits will be much better, those who disdain to go, but those who stay, but also always thinking about, the boss will not be generous once?

is also generous when Lei Jun. His alma mater, Wuhan University hosted the Beijing Alumni Day, Jinshan is one of the sponsors of Top. Alumni party on that day, a large number of free gifts, commemorative book, free forum, performances and dinner, so that the presence of people speechless, absolute wealth. And everywhere the Jinshan LOGO and WPS promotional materials, all show behind the Lei lavish.

Jinshan in the University of the face is always doing a good job, it is not difficult to understand why Jinshan preference for college students. For graduates, Jinshan is fifth years of university. But many graduates leave in Jinshan growth, other companies become the elite IT, so some people say that Jinshan like a Whampoa  military academy, and Lei Jun also fell as the principal.

some people are laughing, Lei Jun’s speech "Huyou" in jinshan. Indeed, Lei Jun the speech ability very provocative, can let a person blood surging, then reflect on the current situation of the flat, eager to pursue higher spiritual life. Attention is a spirit, not a substance.

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