10 years old Oriental sprint restructuring plan has been submitted

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was founded on the occasion of ten years, the East is full of capital feast. According to informed sources, the Oriental reform program has been submitted, is expected soon to be approved, the goal is not listed Oriental gem, but the motherboard. In addition to the examination and approval procedures, systems, mechanisms, the East is still trying to transform the existing profit model.

held yesterday afternoon in the "media convergence era of network media development strategy forum, London Limited by Share Ltd chairman and President Li Zhiping in a speech said," we will achieve the overall market as soon as possible, go all out for the listing of the road go go to take the quasi."

morning, held the ten anniversary of the establishment of the eastern conference.

basic financial compliance with the listing requirements

London provides information, opened in May 28, 2000 in London is a large-scale comprehensive website by Shanghai more than and 10 mainstream media in all media partnership mode to build, its holding shares of 16 companies, including Oriental outlets, Oriental digital community, East Fang Yi, east east, sincere, sincere "city Herald", business covers internet terminal chain, wireless value-added services, technology development, output system, enterprise credit comparison shopping search, wireless positioning control, creative industry park and a dozen Internet related industry.

Li Zhiping believes that through ten years of development, the network has changed from a simple news network into a set of Internet communication and cultural services in a public platform. At present, the net assets of the East has more than 700 million yuan, and in the past few years to achieve profitability, our financial situation has met the basic requirements of listing."

According to Li Zhiping

, the London is in contact with a number of strategic investors, "there is the initiative to contact us, but subject to the state-owned property, complementary resources and other conditions, has not yet been determined investors.

available information shows that now have been the first official delineation of 10 national key news website, required to complete the transformation in London is on the list. According to the Xinhua News Agency reported this month, xinhuanet.com, people.com.cn restructuring plan has been approved by the State Council Information Office, qianlong.com, Huasheng online, Sichuan news network restructuring plan is submitted for approval, the other pilot site is stepping up development plan.

due to the media attributes of the news site is limited, in accordance with the regulations, the site can only absorb state-owned strategic investors.

propaganda task attribution problem

of today’s London, now the highlight is the transformation.

because of the commitment of the government propaganda task, background of the official news website content editing will never had assets into shares of the company, but by a legal person business system independent operation. However, according to the "financial" magazine reported that the country’s major news sites to turn a major reform of the enterprise reform, is to be listed on the news website as a whole, will soon be >

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